Pack Trips

Kennedy Meadows is dedicated to the principals of Leave No Trace

Here at Kennedy Meadows, pack trips are for the sportsman OR for the entire family. Each packtrip is guided by a competent packer. For the 'All Inclusive' pack trip we provide only the most experienced camp cooks.

The Emigrant Wilderness, Carson Iceberg Wilderness, and Yosemite National Park offer some of the most pristine trout fishing in the world with a variety of trout including Rainbows, Brookes, and Brown trout. Both lake and stream fishing are available on trips.

Kennedy Meadows offers deer and bear hunting drop camps. A high quality hunting experience free from the crowds and drenched in the beauty of the wilderness can be expected at Kennedy Meadows. Make your reservations early for hunting trips.

We limit One Day Spot Trips to 15 miles. Any point farther requires for the stock the stock to stay over night, so one day taking you in and one day for the stock to come back. (four days total charge for a round trip).

Each packer can handle up to 8 head of stock, additional stock requires an additional packer. Safety regulations limit the packer to five pack animals under his control. We allow 150 lbs. per pack mule. Almost anything you wish can be packed in, such as food, beverages and other conveniences. All of our stock are chosen to accommodate everyone from the smallest child, to the most experienced adult rider.

To make reservations: give us the number of saddle and pack stock needed; desired destination; date going IN and coming OUT; plus 20% deposit on Drop trips or 50% on All inclusive or Extended Trips. NOTE. Get reservations early.

Pack Trip Checklist

We have created a checklist to help you prepare for your trip.

Pack Trip Guidelines

  • We expect all pack trips to adhere to the principals of Leave No Trace
  • Emigrant Lake, Spring Meadow, Emigrant Meadow Lake or a 15 mile limit are considered a one day trip; any distance farther requires a two day trip.
  • Arrival time at the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station is 6:00 A.M., unless otherwise arranged.
  • Arrangements can be made to stay in a cabin the night before. The restaurant serves breakfast starting at 6:00 A.M.
  • Our stock can accommodate anyone from the smallest child (7+) to the most experienced adult rider.
  • Short trips are recommended if you have small children.
  • Wilderness permits must be obtained from a U.S.F.S Ranger Station ahead of time (209) 965-3434.
  • There is a 3% Fee to cover US Forest Service charges
  • All Trips are customized to your wishes.
  • Pack trips operated under permit from U.S. Forest Service and Yosemite National Park Service.
  • Some trips may require stock transportation fee.

Types of Trips

Spot / Drop Trips

Spot Trips are the most basic type of pack trip. We pack you and your gear into a the wilderness, and return to pick you up later. Often we will use this type of trip to re-provision extended pack trips or even backpacking trips.

Extended Trip

The Extended Trip allows you to keep the packer and stock with you, thus allowing you to move camp, fish, and hunt in many different areas.

All Inclusive

All Inclusive trips include a guide, cook, stock, food, and most camping equipment. Your only job is to enjoy the wilderness.

Specialized Trips

Northern Yosemite Pack Trip

(50-70 miles. 7-10 days.)

Travel through the eastern Emigrant Wilderness to northern Yosemite National Park, the part seen by few. This trip offers a rare opportunity to fish for trophy golden trout as well as rainbow and brook. It starts at Kennedy Meadows and ending at Buckeye Trail Head on the eastern slope or the world famous Tuolumne Meadows. Along the way you will camp at scenic High Sierra lakes such as Dorothy, Tilden, Mary, Wilmar, Benson, and Smedburg. This trip may be taken as an All Inclusive, or an extended trip. Offered July 1, depending on snow pack, through October 10, except September 15-25.

Emigrant Wilderness Loop

(50-70 miles. 4-10 days)

This trip allows you to visit a variety of favorite places in the Emigrant Wilderness area, offering excellent trout fishing, and relaxation in the High Sierra. You may choose to make a base camp, and take day trips to surrounding lakes, or camp at a lake for couple of days, then move camp to another destination. This trip may be taken as an All Inclusive, or an extended trip. Offered July 1, depending on snow pack, through October 10, except September 15-25.

5-Day Angler's Adventure

Spend five days at a beautiful high Sierra lake abundant with rainbow and eastern brook trout. Fish, ride and relax, while we provide stock and guiding. Ride 7 to 21 miles to a lake and make a base camp. Venture out to nearby lakes for a variety of breath taking experiences. This is a fly fisherman's dream with the opportunity to catch native trout in the 14-23 inch range.


Customized guided trips are available upon request.

Partner Trips

From time to time we partner with companies who offer specialized or "themed" pack trips. If you are interested in one of the trips below, please contact them directly to book your vacation. These offerings change from time to time, so please check back for updates.

Sierra Nevada Gold Rush Ride

Offered via Active Riding Trips and White Linen Wilderness Adventures. This Luxury trip will guide you through the wilderness while providing you with some of the best camping accommodations that we have ever seen.

For trip information and trip booking please visit the Active Riding Trips Website.