PCT Hiker Information

Send your resupply box to Kennedy Meadows by UPS only! USPS does not deliver to the resort, and mail is only picked up weekly from the Sonora Post office (57 miles away). An additional fee may be charged for USPS deliveries.

UPS Shipping Address:

Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station
42421 State Highway 108
Pinecrest, CA 95364

Resupply boxes are held in the store. Please include your name and estimated date of arrival on the box. The fee is $15 per box.

Additional services can be purchased in the lobby including:

Shower: $6
Towel: $1
Laundry: $5

We have a PCT Hiker Special for $35: A bed in a dorm room, shower & laundry. First come first serve.

The Store and Restaurant are open from 6am to 9pm.

We will ship Bear Boxes out by US Mail for a flat fee anywhere in the US. We are unable to ship outside of the US.

$20 Empty
$25 with some content
$30 full & heavy
Please pay in Lobby

There are two USFS campgrounds (Baker and Deadman) between us and Hwy 108 with campsites for $7 ea. The campground hosts will assist in locating a site if needed. The campgrounds are independently managed and are first come first serve.

The pacific crest trail crosses highway 108 at Sonora Pass, 10 miles east of the Resort. Hikers often hitch hike down to the resort. It is possible to get a ride back up to the PCT by an employee or customer. Sometimes a fee is involved.